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Payday advance loans online -Payday advance online same day: Money in a hurry

The Netherlands, business country. Beautiful companies have been established in the Netherlands for years. ING calculated that the number of companies in the Netherlands doubled in the last twenty years to almost one and a half million. As an entrepreneur I am quite proud of our entrepreneurial mentality.

But entrepreneurs sometimes also run into walls. For example when taking out a loan or a mortgage. Fortunately this is not always necessary. That is why I am listing all the options for borrowing money as an independent entrepreneur this week.

Payday advance online same day: Money in a hurry

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When can a self-employed person take out a loan?

Taking out a loan as an independent entrepreneur is certainly not impossible. But doing business always involves risks. That is why banks are not always eager to provide credit to a self-employed person.

The bank ultimately wants its money back. If the income is too uncertain, the bank can decide not to grant a loan. But can you submit annual accounts for the past three years, does your company have a positive equity and you have no negative BKR registration? Then a loan is certainly possible.

Money tomorrow for private use

In the paragraph above, I assumed that you want to borrow money for private purposes. Consider a loan for a renovation or a new car. If you want to take out such a consumer loan, you can choose from:

  • Personal loan
  • Revolving credit

The difference between these two loans is the degree of flexibility. A Personal Loan offers a lot of security, thanks to the fixed term and interest. The Continuous Credit is a flexible loan with no fixed end date and a variable interest rate. Use our online loan guide and immediately find out which loan suits you.

Wondering if you can borrow?

I see more and more applications coming in from entrepreneurs. Not surprising when we look at the ING figures. I am happy that we work together with professional banks that always think along with our customers. And always look for what is possible. Also for entrepreneurs.

So are you wondering if you are eligible for a loan? Simply request a quote without obligation and we will usually give you a definitive answer the same day. Then you immediately know where you stand.

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